How Can You Use Copyright Images In Your Blog Post

How To Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog

So you're here because you have some posts that that uses copyrighted images or you can't find any image related to your content so you have to use copyrighted images.
If this is your problem then i have a solution for you.
With that solution you can even use copyrighted images to your content.

But i still prefer to use copyright free images.
If you can't find even 1 picture related tobyour content then use images from google.

So how can you use those copyrighted images?
You can use them using caption.
First you need to find image related to your content.
When you select a image, save it and put it on your site.
Then click on the image on Blogger or WordPress whatever you're using.
You will find a option called caption.
Click on caption.
Then write - Image Source - Google, Image By - [their website's name and link].

This way you can use copyrighted images in your blog.
Still i recommend not to use copyrighted images.
Use Copyright Free Images or Make Your Own Images.

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