How To Fail In Blogging - Top 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Will Definitely Fail

Nowadays a lot of new people are coming into blogging, not because they have good writing skills or good knowledge to give, just because they want to get AdSense approval and want to earn in millions and billions.

This is a wrong thing.

If you have come to blogging just because i wrote above, chances are higher (99%) or maybe more that your blog will fail or even fail badly and you will lose your motivation and probably never try this again in your entire life, and this is common.

If you don't want your blog to fail that badly then read this article till the end and not only read, follow them.

So no. 1st comes from above

1. You Are Waiting For AdSense Approval

If yes then you have 2 options

1st Stop Waiting

2nd Stop Blogging

I know you maybe saying that what I'm saying but yes, you really have these 2 options.

If you choose 2nd option, you can close this tab, this article is not for you.

If you don't choose any of them then you're unknowingly choosing 2nd option, because you will wait for entire life and never get AdSense approval.


If you choose 1st option Stop Waiting then chances are higher that you will succeed.

If you want to get AdSense Approval you need to have good content on your site, if you don't have any content and have bad content then forget about AdSense.

My Tip No. 1 is work for best content.

Don't think for just making money, think what best knowledge you can give to people.

If you give valuable content to people, you will definitely get AdSense approval and your earnings will start automatically, even you will earn in a higher number.

If you just think about your earnings, you'll get nothing.

2. Be Petient

Just get out of your dream life, you are not getting millions of visitors on your first blog post.

A lot of people come and write their first post thinking to get 1 million page views and this never happens. Then they write their second post and think the same, again results are same. They do it again and get same resuls and quit.

Always remember that when you start a new blog google doesn't promote it on first page. Google put your site in sandbox for approximately 3 months, because google doesn't believe you, who knows if you write only first post and never write again.

That's why google prevents your site to be on the first page by putting to into the sandbox.

Once google realizes that your site is not a spam or you are consistent, once you build trust, google take your site out of the sandbox and your site starts to rank, and this process approximately takes 3 months.

So again my 2nd tip will be the same as 1st - give valuable content to people and be patient.

3. Lack Of Interest

If you just came to blogging for money, you don't have any interest to writing or what topic you have chosen, you will definitely quit because you don't have interest.

My tip no. 3 is always choose topic what you're interested in.

This way you will want to know more about that and you can give best information on that topic, and you will never run out of topics to write.

So these are top points why your blog will fail.

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