How To Get Copyright Free Images For Your Blog Or YouTube - Top 3 Websites Where You Can Download Copyright Free Images

you're running a blog or a youtube channel you need a lot of images to put in your content.

If you just go to google and search for images related to your content and put in your content, you may have copyright issues.

Then what can you do?

You have to find copyright free images but where?

Don't worry I'm here for you.

Today I'm gonna show you some popular websites where you can download copyright free images.

So let's start.

1. Pexels.com

Here you will get thousands of best images for your content. Even i used pexels a lot. I have put a lot of images downloaded from pexels.

You will get best quality images related to your content just make a search.

Even you can use pexels images for commercial uses too.

2. Freepik.com

Freepik is the most popular website where you can download copyright free images.

Freepik also offers free plus paid images. If you don't like their free images or you want the best images you can buy their premium plan and get paid images.

3. Pixabay.com

Pixabay has over 1.8 million+ royalty free images even videos if you have a youtube channel and want to download free video clips pixabay would be best for you.

Even you can use their images for commercial uses also.

My recommendation is check out all of them websites and download the best image you find.

Don't stick to one website.

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