How To Make Blog - In 2020 - To Earn Money

How to make blog - hello again, so you're looking for How to Start a Blog in 2020.

If yes, don't worry in this article I'm gonna tell you the complete process of how to start a blog for free.

Yes Free, you don't need to spend anything.

So follow the steps and you will Create a blog for free.

But before starting this topic i want to tell you that your blog will not get a million page views on your day 1, you have to keep working even if you don't see any results. Never do these things when you start a new blog.

So let's start.

How To Become A Blogger ?

To become a blogger / a good blogger, you don't need any great skills. You just need some tools (which we will talk later), need to do some research and write about it in a great way that people like then you can say that you're a Blogger.

What Tool Will We Use To Create A Blog ?

We will use Blogger to create a free blog.

What Is Blogger ?

Blogger is a free tool by Google that lets you start a blog and even earn money at no cost. Blogger is a great tool for beginners who want to learn Blogging. Even if you don't want to spend money or you don't have money to spend on domain and hosting then Blogger is a right choice for you.

Is Blogger Good For You ?

Of course, Blogger is good for everyone. As i told you before if you don't have money or if you don't want to spend money (for any reason) or you just want to learn/try then Blogger is good for you.

What Blog Niche Should You Choose ?

No matter, if you're a advanced blogger or a beginner. You should always choose the niche what you're Interested In or you have knowledge about any topic that can give people some value.

If you want me to make an article about best niche then comment down below.

Create A Blog For Free

Open browser and search Blogger.com.

Login/Sign In via Gmail account.

Enter your Blog's name (what you want to name your blog) and click next.

Now enter your Blog Address (like site address [YourSiteAddress].blogspot.com).

Now Set a display name and click on Finish and now you're Blogger profile and of course a blog is ready


Now you can click on New Post and start writing your blog.

If you want me to make an article on Complete Guide on Blogger then what are you waiting for comment down below.

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