How To Make Your Computer Faster Tips 2020

If you have an old computer and it runs soooooooooooo slow then this post is for You.
Today I'm gonna tell you how you can make your old computer faster.

1. Delete Unnecessary Files And Programs
If your hard disk is full or almost full then consider deleting files you don't need.
It is good to keep your hard disk at least 15% - 20% free. it will improve your computer's speed.
If you have any programs that you don't use then it is a bad idea to keep them in your computer, delete them as soon as possible.

2. Close Unused Tabs From Browser
If you're surfing internet and there are millions of tabs open that you don't need, Close Them.

3. Close Unused Applications
If you're working on one application and you have opened a lot of applications even if you don't use them, then you should close them. They take ram and slow down your computer.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications
If you have installed a lot of applications or they were already in your computer that you don't need, Delete Them

5. Empty Your Recycle Bin
If you have a lot of deleted files into your recycle bin, you should delete them. keeping your recycle bin empty saves you some space and improve computer's performance.

6. Organize Desktop Icons
Do not put millions of icons on the desktop, they also use your computer's RAM. Simply make a new folder and put them into that folder

7. Move Your Old Pictures And Videos To Any External Hard Drive
I know you have some or a lot of old pictures and videos that you don't need every day but you don't want to delete them. Simply move those pictures and videos to cloud or any external hard drive. This way you will save a ton of memory of your computer and it will improve its speed.

8. Delete Temporary Files
Temporary files like internet history, cookies, and caches take a lot of space in your hard disk. Deleting them frees up some space in your hard disk that makes computer faster and you can put any valuable files there.

9. Use Older Versions Of Softwares If Your Computer Is Old
If you have a computer made in 2010 and you use latest 2020 softwares and playing latest 2020 high end games then you should consider upgrading your computer.
If you don't want to upgrade your computer now then you should stop using latest softwares. If your computer made in 2010, you should use softwares that made in 2010 like you can use older version of Photoshop, Microsoft Office etc.

10. Clean Your CPU At Least Once In A Month
If your CPU is dirty and still you're hoping your computer's performance to be better then you're wrong. In order to get best performance you have to keep your CPU clean. No matter how best your Computer is, if it's dirty it will start lagging at a point.

11. Don't Use Anti Virus If You Don't Need It (Optional)
If you use your computer for normal tasks like listening music, watching movies and playing games you might not need Anti Virus cause it takes a lot of RAM of your computer and slows down the performance. Windows defender may be OK for you.

12. Restart Your Computer At Least Once A Week
If you leave your computer on for a long time it will start lagging. To keep its performance good you should turn off your computer at least once in a week.

13. Delete Unnecessary Browser Plugins Or Extensions
I know you need those plugins and extensions but if you have too many of them then they can reduce your computer's performance. you should uninstall the extensions or plugins that you don’t use anymore.

14. Let Your Computer Cool Down If It's Too Hot
If your computer is too hot to touch you should let it cool down. You can point a fan at it and shut it down for a while.

15. Disable Programs Running On Startup
If you see a lot of applications starting automatically when you turn your computer on, Some you may actually want to run, such as antivirus, but others may be unnecessary. You should disable them to start automatically.

16. Disable Graphics And Animations
Windows comes with lots of graphics, including animations such as fading effects. They look cool but on the other hand they also slow down your computer's performance. If your computer is slow, you should disable them.

17. Reinstall The Operating System
If you have tried everything but still nothing happened you can try reinstalling the Operating System.

18. Still You Want Better Performance Say Bye Bye To Windows
You can use Ubuntu if you use your computer for normal tasks.

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