iPhone 12 120 Hz - This Killer Feature Will Make The iPhone 12 Feel Much Faster

iPhone 12 is probably going to have a lot of updgrades like the latest IOS software, faster processor, 5G connectivity. But more than any other feature, this feature will make the iPhone 12 feel much faster - and this feature is - A High Refresh Rate Screen.

iPhone 12 120 Hz

One rumor that has persisted this year is a 120 Hz display. It means the screen can display 120 different frames or images per second.

Most computers or mobiles has only 60 Hz display, 60 frames per second. It is not slow because we're used to it.

iPhone 12 Display Refresh Rate

High refresh rates screens appear faster, when you open an app or scroll down or up. The phone do whatever you want instantly.

But on the other hand, there is a problem that comes with High Refresh Rate Screens, and that is more battery consumption.

High Refresh Rate Screens take much more power to keep the screen updating that quickly.

Maintaining battery life will be important for iPhone 12. The iPad Pro has 120 Hz display but it has bigger battery than the iPhone.

So what do you think will it show up in the iPhone 12?

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