Save Your AdSense Account - Never Give Your Blog URL To Anyone Specially If You Have Approved AdSense

If you have a new or old blog or any website which has approved by AdSense and you are making money out of it.

Then you have to be safe from your haters, specially from those who don't want anyone to make money by AdSense because they got their account suspended or they're making less than you, reason could be anything.

But they just want your AdSense account to be suspended.

They will open your site and constantly click on your ads and the result will be - you will get an email by Google saying Your AdSense Account Disabled and they will be happy because your account has been disabled, now you can't make money out of it.

So How Can You Save Your Account From Those Haters?

Answer is simple don't give your url to anyone.

You may have seen that a lot of youtubers who run any blogs, they never give you the url of their blog, not because they don't want to promote it, they know there are a lot of haters who will click on their ads and get their account suspended.

That's why they don't give you their blog's url.

I've seen a lot of people, when they get approved by AdSense, they comment on their favorite youtuber or blogger's account because they want to thank them and tell them that i got my AdSense approval just because of your advice but your comments not only go to whom you wanna thank but also your haters and international haters can see this.

And then a lot of haters will ask for your site url so they can click on your ads.

You have to be aware that time Never Give Your URL specially in comments.

Want one more solution of this?

Ok I'll give it to you in my next post Save Your AdSense Account Part 2.

Part 2 is coming out today at 5:30 PM (IST)

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