Save Your AdSense Account Part 2 - (AICP) AdSense Invalid Click Protector

So you are here it means you have read our first part on How To Save AdSense Account.

If you haven't read that post i recommend you to read that post first.

So let's start talking about this topic.

First if your blog is on Blogger site then this post is not for you.

This post is only for people who use WordPress.

Because there is no plugin in Blogger which can save your AdSense account or prevent invalid clicks on your ads.

This plugin is only available on WordPress.

If you're a Blogger user and your have approved AdSense account and making money then i recommend you to use WordPress.

If you can afford hosting prices then you should use WordPress cause not AICP, there are a lot of more plugins you can install on your site and this thing helps a lot. You get full control of your site.

Now what is AICP?

AICP's full form is AdSense Invalid Click Protector.

How AICP protecs your account?

In AICP you can set the maximum ad click limit. Default limit is 3.

When a user clicks on your ad 3 times (because limit is set on 3) that user will be banned for 7 days (you can choose how many days that user should be banned, default is 7 days), he won't be able to see new ads on your account so he can not click on your ads more than 3 times.

Even if you see you are getting a lot of clicks from a specific country, you can even ban that country, no one in that country will be able to see your ads.

How can you install AICP?

Login to your WordPress account >> Go to plugins >> Add new >> Search for AICP >> Click Install >> Click Activate.

Now go to AICP settings and you can set the limits.

And if you're a Blogger user, there is no feature to safe your AdSense account in Blogger.

If you want to safe it you have to switch on WordPress.

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