Your Blog Will Never Succeed - You Will Never Get Adsense Approval - If You Do This

Do you have a blog or you are thinking to start one then you must know some important things that will never let you succeed in your blogging career.
So let's start.

1. Post on regular basis
When you start a new blog google sees it and put it in sandbox for approximately 3 months.
Sandbox simply prevents new websites to rank on google's top page.
If you want your site to be ranked on google you have to build trust. You have to post best and unique articles on regular basis.
Suppose you have posted a article today and did nothing for entire week, next week you thought it's been a long time, i should post one more article, and you do it, again you don't post anything for 1 or 2 weeks, then STOP.
This way google will never take your site out of the sandbox, and your site will never be ranked on google.
This is going to destroy your blogging career.
If you are new to blogging then you must post at least 4-5 articles in a week. I recommend posting 1 article daily.

2. Select a niche and stick to it
You should always select niche that you're interested in, and post articles related to that topic.
Suppose you have seen a tech blog and written a article on tech.
Then you saw a health and fitness blog and written a article on health.
This way google will be confused if your site is tech site or health site, and your site will not be ranked on google or it will take more time to rank.
Also this way you won't have any target audience.
If you're new in blogging i recommend select a niche and stick to it, write topics on only that niche.

3. Buy a custom domain
A lot of people who start blogging don't buy a custom domain, they just use the free domain like blogspot.com (blogger), wordpress.com, weebly.com ect. They think that when they will make some money they will buy domain and hosting.
But this is a wrong thing.
Because these free domains take a lot of time to rank on google.
I personally never seen a free domain ranked on google's first page if they rank they go to 3rd or 4th page or lower than that.
That's why i recommend you to buy a domain if you don't have money for hosting, no problem, you can use that domain on custom domain on blogger.
Even if you apply for AdSense it will be a lot easier to get approval. Free domains don't get approved easily.

4. Keyword reaserch
Keyword reaserch is one of the Must Do things.
If you want to get more organic audience on your site you have to find best keywords.
I recommend you not to use those keywords which has low competition but traffic and CPC are high casue a lot of people are working on those keywords.
I'm not telling you never work on those keywords, you can if you want but if you're new i recommend you to use those keywords which has almost or actually 0 CPC casue a lot of people don't work on those keywords so it'll be a lot easier for you to rank on those keywords.
When you choose keywords always remember that Compition on that keyword should be low and Monthly Search Volume should be high.

5. Smartly copy-paste or spin content
If you copy-paste articles from other websites then you should not do this.
But still if you want to do this you can smartly do this.
Copy another content and make some changes in your own language or you can use spinners to make some changes.
Spinners are some websites that make changes to content but when you spin that content you should always read it and make some more changes on your own.
Never copy-paste that spinned content.

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