How To Start YouTube Channel - Complete Guide

How To Start YouTube Channel - Nowadays there are a lot of ways to make money online. Even you don't need to wake up early everyday and go office, you can work from your home even if you want to travel the world you can do it. You just need to have a laptop everytime. No boss, you are your own boss. No working time, work whenever you want.

How to start youtube channel
Start YouTube Channel

If you want to live a life like this then you can start a youtube channel, blog etc.

In today's article I'm gonna give you the complete guide to how to start youtube Channel.


1 - What is youtube

2 - How fo find niche

2.1 - What is micro niche

2.2 - How to find niche

3 - How to find content related to your niche

3.1 - How to find topic ideas

3.2 - How to research on those topics

4 - How to make videos for youtube

5 - How to edit videos

6 - How to promote youtube videos

7 - How to earn money on youtube

8 - How to get adsense approval

So Let's Start.

1 - What Is Youtube

Youtube is an american online video sharing platform where you can share your videos even earn money. Youtube is founded by three PayPal employees - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in february 2005. In november 2006 Google bought the youtube for $1.65 billion USD.

There is a fact that 100 hours of videos uploaded to youtube every minute.

Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform that's why whenever we think of watching a video, tutorial or anything we just open youtube.

If we want to share our own videos youtube made it very easy. You can easily upload your own videos and if your video gets popular, you will start making money by that video.

2. How To Find Niche

If you don't know what is niche then you can say it as the main topic of your youtube channel. Like if you start a technology youtube channel "Technology" is your niche.

You can make your channel multi-niche (i.e. you upload technology, science and health ect. All in one channel). But i strongly recommend you not to start multi-niche channel. That way you won't get your main target audience.

If you have selected your niche you can consider choosing a micro-niche.

If you don't know what is micro niche then

2.1 - What Is Micro Niche

You can say micro-niche as a specific topic inside your main niche. Like if you have selected "Technology" as your niche then you will choose one topic inside tech like "Mobile" you will only review and talk about mobiles. If you choose "Laptop" you will only talk about laptops.

I know this way you will get less traffic than the main niche. But you will get high-quality audience. This will help you get more affiliate products sales. Because if you always talk about mobiles and build trust then if anyone wants to buy a new mobile they will first come to your channel and watch what is the best mobile. And chances are they click on your affiliate link and buy that mobile.

2.2 - How to find niche

You should always choose what you're interested in.If you don't you will end up tired of making more videos or doing more research on a topic that you don't have any interest.


You should choose what you have some knowledge.

Still if you can't find the best niche then ask yourself what is the topic on which you can make 15-20 videos without a big research. When you get this answer, you can consider taking that topic as your niche.

3. How To find Content Related To Your Niche

If you have chosen your niche then well done. Now you may have one more problem. Where will you get topic ideas.

    3.1 - How to find topic ideas 

            If you have a audience you can simply ask to your audience, what should the next video be. And there are a lot of people who will answer your question in comments.

But the problem is if you're new then you don't have audience. And with 1000-10000 subscribers you won't get a lot of traffic even views.

Then what can you do? How will you get new topics everyday.

The answer is simple do what you love. Do what you have some knowledge. Take your passion or knowledge to the youtube.

1 - Find your compititors and observe them. What they are doing.

Create a new youtube channel and subscribe your compititors (at least 5-10) and if everyone upload one video every day. Then you will get 10 topics everyday.

2 - If you want you can share latest news about your niche.

3 - You can use youtube's autocomplete system for getting topic ideas. Simply search one or two word related to your niche and see the autocomplete results. You can make video on them. And they are the topics what people are searching for. So chances are higher that you will get more views.

4 - You can use google trend and see what is on trending about your niche and get ideas from there.

5. You can use google keyword planner to see what people are searching for. Keywords are words and phrases that people and even you search on google. Like if you wanna know what is youtube then you search "What Is Youtube" on google or youtube. In this case "What Is Youtube" is a keyword. 

Always remember that great keywords come with great compitition. You should select a keyword which has good search volume but compitition is low.

    3.2 - How to research on those topics

            If you have selected your topic then first break it into small peaces. Like write down all the subheadings you are going to cover in your video.

If you want to write about a mobile then first write down what things related to that mobile you are going to cover.





etc. all the other things what mobile or your topic can have.

Now go to google and get information about all these things. Don't just take one article and say it in your video as it is.

You have to research everything about that topic and i recommend check out complete page. Come up with all the information and write it down on a paper or notepad or whatever you use.

This way you have to research about all the parts that you have divided from your main topic.

4 - How To Make Videos For Youtube

It's up to you, what do you want. Do you want to show your face. If yes then you need a camera, lights, green screen etc.

If you don't want to record your own video then you can download copyright free images or videos and put them into your website. You just have to speak.


You can make animations.

Still if you're not happy then you can use all of them. But it depends up to your niche what is right for you.

5 - How To Edit Videos

Video editing is not that hard you can learn it even in one day and edit basic videos. And there are amazing softwares and mobile applications available.

If you have MacOs then you can use iMovie that comes with it.

Windows has Movie Maker.

You can use ShotCut. This is free and amazing software.

If you want to go with paid softwares then you can use CyberLink PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

If you want to edit your videos in mobile then you can use CyberLink PowerDirector, Kinemaster.

6 - How To Promote Youtube Videos

Creating youtube channel and uploading videos doesn't mean you're gonna get thousands of views and subscribers. You have to be consistent about making videos even if you're getting 0 views. You have to upload videos everyday.

To promote your videos you can run paid ads if you have budget. And if you don't have any budget then you have to put some efforts.

You have to share your videos on social sites.

Write good tags, description and title.

Title and Thumbnail should be attractive. Viewers should start the video after reading your Thumbnail and Title.

Link your older videos to your new video. This way when people complete watching your video they want to watch another video.

You can collaborate with other youtubers.

7 - How To Earn Money On Youtube

To earn money on youtube, you can connect adsense to your youtube account and run ads on your channel.

Second way is affiliate marketing. You can join amazon's affiliate program or any other affiliate program and promote their products. When people will buy those products through your link, you will get a commission.

Another way i sponsoring products but for this you have to have a bigger audience.

8 - How To Get AdSense Approval

To get adsense approval you have to have 4000 hours of watch time on your channel and 1000 subscribers. After that you can apply for adsense approval.

But before applying for it, make sure you're following all the adsense policies otherwise you won't get adsense approval.

And remember you have to have original content on your channel if you have anyone else's content then forget about adsense.

So this is ho you can start a youtube channel if you like this complete guide then share it with your friends who want to start their youtube channel.

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